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Nightwolves Coalition




Title: Nightwolves Coalition

Author: Clarrissa Lee Moon

ISBN # 978-1-937085-10-0

Genre: Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance m/f

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Memoirs of The Nightwolves Series is a paranormal adventure based on the Mayan Prophecy of Earth's Apocalypse.Special Forces and a Magickal Mercenary team join together forming the Nightwolves to deal with the events unfolding because of the coming prophecy. The natural disasters are opening portals that had been long closed by Ancients Gods and Goddesses who removed The Greater Magickal Races (vampires, werewolves, and dragons) from Earth millennia ago. Now with the polarity shift of Earth those portals the Greater Magickal Races were forced through are opening again and The Nightwolves have to try to make peace with the other races as they can, defend humans against those who won't, and save as many lives as possible when a natural disaster hits
Urban fantasy lovers will enjoy the high-octane action and paranormal romance readers will be titillated by the alternative relationships of the main characters. The series takes readers to many other worlds to experience fantastical creatures and cultures of other humanoid beings that once had been a part of Earth in a far gone past; Beings and Magicks now relegated as nothing more than Myths and Legends by present-day standards. Alternative relationships and cultures are filled with a variety of dynamics and religions, both on Earth and on other worlds.
Actual history, ancient myths and legends are interwoven with a cast of paranormal creatures, military Special Forces and a Coven of demi-Gods and Goddesses. Current events are also used to drive the storyline along for high action adventure. 
This series is multi-layered for readers to enjoy either an alternate reality and/or learn exciting tidbits of real life history I’ve learned in studying Religious Theology. Writing Memoirs of The Nightwolves has been very fulfilling in being able to use my own personal experiences, with the many schools of learning and disciplines I have gained throughout my life. The alternate worlds I’ve created gives a wide variety of action and romance to please just about any walk of life and touch the hearts of open-minded paranormal readers looking for something out of the ordinary.

Volume One:

 Nightwolves Coalition starts the tale of Catrina who flies to New York to be with her mates of which there are three (Demitri, Andre and Antonio Caberelli). On the way, there is an attempted hi-jacking and Catrina steps up to save the passengers from the takeover. In doing so, she exposes herself as a vampire to Special Forces. Now she must clean up her mess and make a deal with the military. The military had been having problems completing missions successfully due to very unusual things happening in the field. Catrina and her team may be their answer. However, the military finds the reasons why things have been going strange on missions. It's the beginning of high adventure and unusual situations even Special Forces may be challenged to overcome.

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Nightwolves on the Prowl





Title: Nightwolves on the Prowl

Author: Clarrissa Lee Moon

ISBN # 978-1-937085-11-7

Genre: Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance m/f, m/f/m

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Volume Two:

 Nightwolves on the Prowl...The Nightwolves, led by Catrina and Captain O'Hara, find themselves on another planet. The world of Kla' din may hold more than a solution in keeping Earth's hostile portals closed if Cat can keep her heart open to new challenges and avoid the traps set for her on Earth they may find the answers to keeping the hostile races from coming into Earth permanently.

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Nightwolves Siren's Song







Title: Nightwolves Siren's Song

Author: Clarrissa Lee Moon

ISBN # 978-1-937085-12-4

Genre: Urban Fantasy/ Paranormal Romance :alternative

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Volume Three:



Nightwolves Siren's Song is a strategic game of chess moves for both players of light and dark. Catrina must not only try to save herself, but her children who have picked a bad time to go through their rites of passage into adulthood.  Catrina must stand aside as her eldest son, Christoph is called away for a dangerous quest. General Robertson has a well laid plan of trapping Catrina using his spy to curse Crimson. The mate of a Voodoo Maven has Craven marked for possession to control his ever growing powers as a Dire Wolf. Can Catrina avoid the traps and shield her children before time runs out?

Nightwolves Dawn to Dusk- The Semi Prequel

Title: Nightwolves Dawn to Dusk- The Semi Prequel

Author: Clarrissa Lee Moon


Genre: Urban Fantasy/ Paranormal Romance m/f, m/f/m, m/m

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Volume Four:

As Catrina’s mates fight to undo the curse that turned her into a zombie, the mercenary part of The Nightwolves start to play their cards close to their chest. As raids break out on Kla’ din in unpredictable times and the inner struggles of the Nightwolves, the battle on two fronts can tear the Nightwolves apart if they can’t bring their leader back from the undead. Can her mates, family and familiars bring her back before she is soul lost forever in madness?



Nightwolves Battle for Kla' din

Title: Nightwolves Battle for Kla' din

Author: Clarrissa Lee Moon


Genre: Urban Fantasy/ Paranormal Romance m/f, m/f/m, m/m

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Volume Five:


No one knows how many times Catrina had to relive the worst time of her life that nearly drove her insane the first time, but everyone can tell she is no longer the same. Something in her mind and soul snapped, driving her personality back to the time when she was an assassin. Her memory gone and her compassion non-existent, can The Nightwolves find a way to heal her mind and soul? Christoph may hold the key to his mother’s memories but he is still a prisoner on the Draugrall world. The stakes are high for The Nightwolves with one win “on the wire” and two more to go.



More titles coming!

Volume Six: Nightwolves Union on Trinidad

Volume Seven: Nightwolves Twilight- The Last Battle

Volume Eight: Nightwolves Companion- What was real- Magick/ Mundane

Nightwolves Triad of Destiny

The Chronicals of Christoph:

Christoph takes over as Leader of The Nightwolves on Earth. A new threat is coming to the humans from space as they plot underground in secret government tunnels of Earth. He and his brothers take seperate approaches to gather the Intel they need to stop the Aliens insidious plans.

The Chronicals of Crimson:

 Hounded with nightmares fed by his guilt of killing his first love, Crimson leaves Earth in a spaceship found in a secret government building and searches nearby planets for clues of the Aliens homeworld The Nightwolves need. In trying to find the homeworld of the Alien threat, he finds another planet that could save his soul and his heart if he can keep the new world from being destroyed by their enemies. 

The Chronicals of Craven:

Craven's powers grow as he soaks up the energy from the crystals in the sands of Kla' din. A long buried map of alternate demensions is found which Craven and a few of his most trusted wolven use to track down the information of the Alien threat to Earth and gather allies to help in protecting all their realities.

Seven books each for a combination of a 21 book triple series!!!! A spin off from Nightwolves Siren's Song

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