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                         Clarrissa Lee Moon

Clarrissa Lee Moon would like to live like a tumbleweed going from different states often. She's an avid reader and owner of more books and DVD’s then any used book shop; she also enjoys Martial arts, swimming, riding Harleys and raising pure bred Japanese Chins. She has written as a journalist for two E-magazines and is the author of Memoirs of The Nightwolves Series and Celeste's Nites Novelettes. She considers herself unique, unusual and unconquerable!

Titles that are coming soon!

Memoirs of The Nightwolves:

Nightwolves Dawn to Dusk- The Semi Prequel

Nightwolves Battle for Kla' din

Nightwolves Union on Trinidad

Nightwolves Twilight- The Last Battle

Nightwolves Companion- What was real- Magick/Mundane


Celeste Nites:

Second Trilogy

Protecting Celeste

Contemplating Celeste

Loving Celeste


Third Trilogy


Nightwolves Triad of Destiny

The Chronicals of Christoph

The Chronicals of Crimson

The Chronicals of Craven

Seven books each for a combination of a 21 book triple series!

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