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Celeste Nites -First Trilogy


 The First Trilogy of Celeste Nites Excerpt

Claiming Celeste

by Clarrissa Lee Moon

Chapter One

He watched her tonight like he’d watched her for the last dozen nights. She always came at the same time - at 8 pm and always wearing black. Tonight, she was wearing her black leather mini skirt with thigh high black leather boots. The black silk shirt she wore was cut into a vee to show off her nicely shaped breasts and short enough lengthwise to see her belly ring with a blue topaz stone hanging from the band. Her long auburn hair flowed freely tonight, framing her heart-shaped face with wisps of delicate waves. She had the same routine of coming in, handing a twenty to the bouncer and then going to the bar for a drink. Not an alcoholic drink though, which was unusual for a woman coming into a bar night after night. No, she always ordered a virgin tequila sunrise. A fifty to the bouncer last week got him the story of why she handed the big, burly biker the twenty as she walked in. It was to assure that she wouldn’t be hassled by anyone at the bar or on the dance floor. She would hand him a ten for walking her out to the car when she was finished dancing.

He watched her as she sipped her drink while she stared at the dance floor. Most women coming in would be staring at the dance floor, sizing up who they would like to go home with, but that wasn’t what she wanted. She wanted to move, to float and size up who she could get away with a little flash. She picked men…and women, who wouldn’t mind a little tease, before she would move away silently to her own space on the floor to finish her dance. She was a most unusual woman. She came alone, danced, for the most part, alone, and went home…alone.

Same thing every night; night after night. It intrigued him enough to motivate him into finding out as much as he could about her, before he made his move to seduce the woman.

That was his first inclination. Another female to warm his bed for a few nights, then a pleasant parting and off hunting for a new woman to find pleasure with. Never staying with the same woman long enough to develop any emotional attachments on either side. He didn’t have time for that in his life, but a man had his needs, regardless. And there were plenty of women who knew the score and went along with the game, night after night.

That is...until her saw her. Celeste, the enigma. The woman who has been dancing in his dreams for over a week now. And she was intruding in on his thoughts during business meetings, during the day, which burned him the most. As pleasant as women were, business was a time for quick thinking and making moves as one would play chess. It was NOT a time to be daydreaming about some pleasant fluff that would be gone by dawn and easily forgotten. But she had, over the last week, been infiltrating his concentration and he had had enough. He would seduce her, and then discard her, so he can get back to the business at hand.

He knew from watching her, she would be no easy target. He still hadn’t figured out why she came to the bar to drink and dance alone. She was pleasant with prospective men who would come on to her, but she was also adamant about not teasing or giving in to their desires of taking her home. Just on the dance floor, would she tease and only slightly, never crossing that fine line between sensual dancing and flirting on the floor. So, he knew she wasn’t here to be picked up or to pick anyone for the night's pleasures. On the surface, she seemed to just want to dance.

Her movements on the dance floor, however, gave away the slight tension in her moves of frustration and anger. He could see it in the sway of her hips and the tease of her stomach that she wanted something, but refused herself her own desires. Her face was strained with emotion, as if she was burying something deep inside and was using her dancing to let off a little steam in a safe manner. Control was her main strength. She showed her control in her dance, in not drinking anything alcoholic and in not leaving with a partner for the night. It was her strength, but it was also her weakness. A weakness he would play on to seduce her into his bed, so he could get her out of his system; to get her out of his dreams at night and during the day. She may not have any plans to choose anyone here to relieve her, after watching her for so long, but he had an idea of how to change her mind.

Like clockwork, she finished half of her drink and set it down. She took off her leather jacket and handed it to the bartender, whom she would have tipped heavily already to keep it safe for her while she danced. A song came on and she started to sway her hips while gliding towards the floor with the other dancers. She snapped her fingers to the beat of the music, her arms slowly rising up above her head, showing off her tight stomach with the glittering stone hanging in her belly ring, sparkling in the strobe lights. Her hips moved more aggressively as she approached the place where she wanted to dance, and people naturally moved out of her way. A few of the men, even though they had dance partners, beautiful ones too, would still stop and stare, watching her move. A few of the women, too, would watch, either to study her moves or to glare in jealousy for taking their dance partners attention off of them and onto her. Some would even look at her with a bit of desire themselves, which he found interesting. He knew this was the time he was waiting for, before she moved in between two other dance partners, where the woman did look at Celeste with a bit of desire in her eyes, and dance between them sensually, before she moved away again to dance alone. She always knew when to move the dance, before it became a tease or misconstrued as an offer. He slid onto the dance floor, coming up behind her and slowly molding his body to hers, matching her rhythm.

She tensed a bit, before he leaned down to whisper in her ear, "Relax, it's just a dance." He brought his hands slowly up her arms in a light caress, until their hands melded together. Feeling her allow the touch, he brought their arms down and wrapped her into his body and swayed with her while breathing lightly into her ear.

"I watch you dance every night." Smelling the soft jasmine fragrance of her hair, he breathed out, "I had to know how your body felt against mine." His body was hardening against her rear, as she undulated against him. He knew she felt him through their clothes, knew she felt his rising physical desire. Stepping back, he smoothly spun her around to face him, and then, before she could escape, he brought her back into his embrace and looked into her eyes. Sparkling blue, but with an eerie shade of green flame which sparked for an instant, as he rubbed himself sensuously into her body. He couldn’t have seen green flame in her eyes, he thought to himself. It must have been a trick of the strobe lights. Shaking off the sensation, he floated with her, making sure she knew just how much he wanted her, desired her. When the song ended, he gently kissed her lips and walked away from her, leaving her alone on the dance floor without even saying good-bye.

He smiled tightly at his move. So unexpected. So damned clever. He will have her coming after him before the week was out. He was patient and cunning. He had to be, with his multi-million dollar corporations. He knew when to run hard with the ball and when to leave the ball for someone else to take to the goal line. He made his way back to the VIP lounge, to sit and watch her next move and to plan the next attack on her libido.


Celeste Nites- Second Trilogy Excerpt

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