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3 and a half star review for Nightwolves Siren's Song at PRG!!!!

Posted by Clarrissa Lee Moon on June 3, 2011 at 4:27 AM


3 1/2 ***’ STARS


Book: Nightwolves Siren’s Song

Author: Clarissa Lee Moon

Publisher: CreateSpace (this should be World Castle Publishing now)

Genre: Urban Fantasy (vamps, weres, spirits, and other supernatural beings)

Rating: Mature Alternative Lifestyle


Nightwolves Siren’s Song is the third installment in the Memoirs of the Nightwolves series. In this book, the members of the Nightwolves Coalition continue their missions to close portals that have opened on Earth from worlds that contain violent supernatural beings and to make treaties with the beings of peaceful worlds. These missions have become more difficult because those who wield the dark majicks have now learned how to successfully cloak the portals.


The mercenary/majickal coven leader Catrina “Cat” Garcia has recovered from the wounds, both physical and spiritual, that she suffered during her capture in the previous book. She leads her coven along with the Special Forces teams to detect and neutralize new portals as they open. She is also discovering a new sense of happiness now that she has been united with all of her mates. In fact, her new found happiness causes several members of her coven, her sister Cassie in particular, to question whether or not she’s lost her edge and gone soft.


Cat proves that she’s still able to keep her perspective on their goals, and that her fighting edge and leadership skills have not been dulled by her newfound happiness. However, Cat’s happiness is short-lived as the Nightwolves Coalition face new threats from the evil General Robertson, whom we find out has been placing dark practitioners in key positions in the government, politics, and the military, in order to take over the country, and then the world. In addition, the evil general has been kidnapping supernatural beings in order to perform horrendous experiments on them.


Cat also has to deal with the difficulties of her children. Her eldest son, Christophe, has received the call to go on a quest to find his mate, but he is subsequently kidnapped during the quest. Her middle son, Crimson unknowingly ends up dating a dark witch who turns him into a panther, when she is unable to use him to get to his mother and the other Nightwolves. While trying to protect her youngest son by taking him on a mission that she thinks will be the less dangerous of two possible missions, he ends up becoming the pack leader of a pack of werewolves at the tender age of 17. In addition to all this, she is dealing with her Witch with a capital B birth mother who strives to demean and control Cat every time she visits. The final blow is when Cat is cursed by a Voodoo priestess. She has dealt with all the challenges with strength and courage; however, the curse may be too much for her to overcome as her energy, both physical and spiritual, has been depleted during the many difficult missions they’ve faced in a short amount of time. What will Cat’s fate be? If she is unable to overcome the curse, will the Nightwolves Coalition be able to continue without her?


The prologue of this book is exactly the same as the prologue for the first two books. So, those who have read either book in the series can skip it. This story starts out a little slower than the first two books; however, once the action starts, the pace gets better. No editing issues were noted. Unlike the first books, there are no sex scenes in this story. Although, there are some allusions to plans with her mates after they finish the current missions. So, unfortunately, I didn’t really get to see how Cat handles the logistics of having six mates as I had anticipated I would after reading book two. As usual, Cat speaks frequently about religion, politics, etc. It can sometimes get annoying, perhaps because this story, like the first two, is written in first person. However, I liked the way the author ties in explanations of relatively current events into her talks, for example, the molestation charges brought against Catholic priests, Hurricane Katrina, and the fairly recent Gulf oil spills. She also ties in other myths and legends into her magickal world such as Voodoo, the Druids, and the Crystal Skulls which is also nice. My major disappointment with this story is that it ends in a complete and total cliffhanger. I was utterly unprepared for a cliffhanger, since the first two books didn’t end in cliffhangers.


Overall, I enjoyed reading this book, and look forward to reading book four in the series, Nightwolves Dawn to Dusk. I have to know what Cat’s fate will be in regards to the Voodoo curse that has been placed on her. This was a pretty good continuation of the series, but I’d like to see more dialogue and action, with a little less of Cat’s thoughts and constant explanations in future books, unless she’s actually explaining to other characters rather than just giving information to the reader. At this point, if readers enjoyed books one and two, they’ll probably enjoy book three as well. I know I did. This book could stand alone; however, it would be more enjoyable and understandable if the first two books are read prior to reading this one.


Review By Tasheka Gipson

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

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Reply Clarrissa Lee Moon
4:31 AM on June 3, 2011 
I am now on a roller coaster high with my new review at PRG.
It is a FABOO review on one hand because if you read the first two reviews of the first books of Nightwolves, you get the sense that this reviewer HATES cliffhangers and then BAMMM Nightwolves Siren's Song ends with just such an ending. She said the editing was excellent and the story was great so she liked it but the ending obviously left its mark....come on, I HAD to say that LMAO
3 and a half stars from someone who loathes cliffhangers is pretty damn great IMO. I am jazzed! bummed a bit but jazzed!! I think it is a top notch review though and very accurate..damn she did a great job but for one tiny little thing she missed....she STILL hasn?t put it together about the endings of each book. I have seen books with formula writing that ends a book with the same types of endings in a series.
For instance, if book one ends with HFN, it is a safe bet that each consecutive book is going to end with the typical HFN (happy for now)
If a book ends with a HEA (happy ever after) then the subsequent book will also end in a HEA.
I have taken a risk in doing my book ending COMPLETELY different from the norm. Now the reviewer GOT it with why Catrina is against the "dogma" of the Church. Notice I said 'dogma' not religion. SHE got it (she 'felt' the main reason WHY the main character does this) She nailed it. Very very few people got this aspect of the book.
But the endings is another writing surprise I have done in that in each book, the ending is going to be a complete surprise for a reader who has never read my series. Maybe after reviewing two or three more of my books, she may get it. She only had three books for a comparison of endings which isn?t a big sample. But the plan is each ending will be unique to the story, risky, different, innovative. I don?t want my series to be the same ole formula other series wind up in. The internal workings of my series too have a common difference as well in that some subjects spoken of in the stories are usually subjects that few writers would ever dare write about. Fiction or non. Once book four and five come out this will be made even clearer, but I have touched on many things internally in my series that are truisms in real life. Home violence, childhood trauma and the after effects of said trauma. Homosexuality, alternative marriages, traditional family religions being passed down from generation to generation as in the days of old. Which still happens in real life. No reviewer has caught this yet but again it may be due to too few books for a comparison. book four and five will practically scream these real life situations a few people do have to deal with. So I am hyped over this review nonetheless. I wrung three and half stars after giving her a book with an ending type she hated. I will most likely get the same for book four because it too will be a cliff hanger but an inspirational cliff hanger whereas NSS was a dark foreboding type of cliff hanger. Book one had the HFN ending with a sarcastic pessimistic attitude. Book two had the HFN with a word of warning be careful what you wish for. Each book ending will be very much a surprise though in the STYLE of its done in. something I haven?t seen any other series do. Usually it?s all the same kind of thing. Which with some stories they have to go that way or it ruins the whole series.
but I am still very pleased with this result. I am hoping she sees the technicality side of writing that is also unique. Risky, obviously, but unique. Is this cool or what?, boos on review to see what I am talking about. It?s a very flattering review nonetheless! I can?t wait to see what she does with book four. Man I wish I could be there and watch her face as she reads the last chapter...then run real fast when she comes after me with a frying pan LMAO