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4 star review for Nightwolves on the Prowl at PRG!

Posted by Clarrissa Lee Moon on April 12, 2011 at 11:34 PM

4 stars have been awarded to Nightwolves on the Prowl by Paranormal Romance Guild today!!!

This is what they said:

This is Book Two in the Memoirs of the Nightwolves series. In the first book, the Nightwolves Coalition had been formed between the heroine Catrina ‘Cat’ Garcia (along with the rest of her magickal mercenary family) and a Special Forces military unit in order to deal with the problem of other dangerous magickal beings coming to Earth through portals that have been opening more and more frequently as the Great Shift that is predicted to happen in the year 2012 approaches.


This book mostly centers on the Nightwolves Coalition’s investigation into a portal that has opened up in Japan. During the course of the investigation, Cat feels drawn to cross through the portal. She later discovers that she had that feeling because of three cousins who had magickally called their mate to come to them through the portal. This presents a difficulty for Cat as she already has three mates on Earth that she fought long and hard to find on the physical plane. She is loyal to her mates even though she feels an attraction to the three cousins because she knows how much it would hurt her mates for her to betray their trust.

Cat wonders if this will pose a problem in making a peace treaty with the cousins who are leaders of their world. This is particularly important when she discovers that they have a method of keeping portals closed that could help in the defense of Earth, and that there may be a link between the minor shift that is prophesied to occur on their world and the Great Shift prophesied to occur on Earth. She also learns that the world through the portal is under attack by vampires, just as Earth is under attack from a variety of beings that have come through the portal. Cat has the difficult task of defending the nonmagickal humans of Earth while also finding a solution to her new personal issues that doesn’t damage her mission or her relationship with her three mates.


The prologue of this book is exactly the same as the prologue for the first book. So, those who have read the first book in the series can skip it. As with the first book, the action scenes are very good. The editing is even better in this book than it was in the first book. As with the first book, Cat goes on a few religious rants that may bother some readers, but it is understood because the reader is shown that Cat’s perspective as the child of a Goddess encompasses more than a nonmagickal human being’s perspective. The fact that Cat adds three additional mates (for a grand total of six mates) may also bother some readers, but there aren’t many sex scenes, so that may make it more palatable for them. The book seemed to end rather abruptly, but there wasn’t a cliffhanger, it’s just that all the major issues were resolved rather quickly in the last couple of pages.

Overall, I enjoyed reading this book, and look forward to reading book three in the series, Nightwolves Siren’s Song. I’m curious to see how the logistics of Cat having six mates will be handled. It may not be what I’m expecting since three of the mates live on a different world. I’m also curious to see what the Nightwolves have to face next in their defense of the Earth (and perhaps other worlds) from the repercussions of the coming Great Shift. Overall, this was a good sequel to book one, Nightwolves Coalition. Anyone who enjoys urban fantasy will probably love this book.


Review By Tasheka Gipson

Member Reviewer for the Paranormal Romance Guild

Another awesome review, but now I am really nervous because Nightwolves Siren's Song DOES end in a cliff hanger and not even a happy one....oh boy...LOL... And Nightwolves Siren's Song is up next to be reviewed as we speak...Ut oh, Ta da da dummmmm

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