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4 Star review for Nightwolves Coalition at PRG!

Posted by Clarrissa Lee Moon on April 12, 2011 at 11:29 PM

4 stars have been awarded by Paranormal Romance Guild for Nightwolves Coalition. This is what they said:

The book opens with a prologue, of a journal entry written by the heroine, Catrina ‘Cat’ Garcia. It is here she gives us a rundown of her life up until this point. The story begins telling us of the prophecy of difficult times ahead, due to changes that will occur within the earth in the year 2012.

The story then begins with Cat being forced to use her magickal abilities, risking exposure in order to save her life and the lives of her fellow passengers, when terrorists kill their pilots and attempt to take over their airplane. Unbeknownst to Cat, her inhuman actions on the plane are recorded by the airplane’s hidden cameras, and the video is seen by a Special Forces team Captain, who hides the video from the FAA people. However, he shares it with his commanding officer, General Pierce, who has asked to be informed of any strange events during their missions. In exchange for keeping her magickal abilities concealed, the General requests that Cat agree to help the Special Forces team investigate some peculiar occurrences that have happened recently. Cat agrees with the consensus of her three mates. Gradually, trust is built between Cat’s magickal family and the Special Forces team. Her family warns the team of the magickal portals that will open in 2012, where all manner of ‘mythical’ beings will spill into this universe, some of whom will wish to take over this world, and that many of the weird incidents they’ve witnessed are actually precursors of what’s to come in 2012.

The Nightwolves Coalition, as they eventually christen themselves, work together on several missions, honing their skills as a team in order to thwart the early advances of various magickal beings coming through the portals.

While the prologue is a bit difficult to read due to much information being delivered there, the rest of the story flows fairly well. The author’s writing style is very engaging and the action scenes are gripping with good resolutions. The editing is good with a few errors, but not enough to pull the reader out of the story.

I have a couple caveats for readers: Caveat #1 - This book is not a paranormal romance. You will be disappointed if you go into it thinking that’s what it is. It is urban fantasy with a couple romantic/erotic moments. There is definitely caring shown between Cat and her mates, but the story is not mostly about the development of their relationship, but instead about their work with the Special Forces team against the evil forces that will try to take over after the changes in the Earth that occur in 2012.

Caveat #2 - Some readers might be bothered by Cat’s rants about how the Christians got many things wrong regarding religion. The reason she does this makes sense in the story, since Cat is a supernatural immortal being with a wider viewpoint on life than a human could possibly have, but I just thought I’d let readers know about it. Okay, all done with the warnings.

Throughout the story, we see the heroine ‘Cat’ as a cocky, opinionated, take-no-prisoners, kick-ass, kinda woman, but she also has a vulnerable side that is revealed throughout the story which endears her to me as a reader, even though I was initially a little turned off by her cockiness.

I enjoyed the book and look forward to reading the sequel Nightwolves On the Prowl. Thankfully, this book does not end in a cliffhanger. However, I am excited to see what the next book will bring. I thought it was a nice touch that the author adds a bibliography of real books dealing with the topics that the Special Forces team needs to read in order to learn about the magickal world such as books on astral projection, magickal herbs, crystal healing, and more. Overall, I think Nightwolves Coalition is a good start to an interesting urban fantasy series.


Tasheka Gipson

Paranormal Romance Guild Member and Reviewer

Is this not cool? I love it!

Clarrissa Lee Moon

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