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4 and three quarter star review at PRG!!!!

Posted by Clarrissa Lee Moon on April 12, 2011 at 11:26 PM

4 and 3/4 stars have been given by Paranormal Romance Guild for my Celeste Nites First Trilogy.

They said:

Ms. Moon gives us the first trilogy about Celeste Nite, a vampiress that has an ex-boyfriend stalking her. The author gives us the story in novella form, each full of rich details and steamy erotica, written in sections whereby the reader is allowed into the minds of each main character.


The First Novella is titled Claiming Celeste. Celeste is spending each night dancing alone, afraid to show any interest in a man. Her ex-boyfriend Henry stalks her, wanting her to turn him into a vampire, and has killed each lover she has chosen. Jacques watches her each night and decides he wants her to share his bed. Jacques teases Celeste on the dance floor then leaves her. This intrigues Celeste and after several nights of being teased, she forms a plan to draw out her stalker. One night when she leaves the club, Celeste allows Henry to attack her so she can kill him, but Jacques sees what is happening and rescues Celeste. Upset that her plan has gone awry Celeste grabs Jacques and goes home with him. The night is spent exploring each other in every way possible. Celeste never tells him that she is a vampire.


The Second Novella is titled Hunting Celeste. Jacques wakes up to find Celeste gone and becomes concerned about the man that attacked Celeste the night before. Jacques’ brother Armand joins him to look for Celeste after being told about the stalker. The previous night Armand had been able to watch the lovers, as the bedroom door had been open, and was interested in having Celeste as soon as his brother was finished with her. After searching all day Jacques and Armand find Celeste and take her into their limo against her wishes. What happens during the ride is beyond anything Celeste has experienced before. Jacques decides to ‘punish’ Celeste and lets his brother join in. The ride becomes very steamy and hot for all three.


The Third Novella is Sharing Celeste. After a night of delving into a new world of erotic sex and sharing a woman for the first time, the brothers wake to find they again have to search for Celeste. They are unsuccessful and finally decide to bribe a gang to lead them to Celeste. After arriving at her door, Armand tells Jacques he should be the one to talk to Celeste. Jacques agrees and Celeste is awakened by Armand. He questions why she leaves every morning, doesn't she care for them? Does she have someone else in her life? Celeste assures Armand that she cares for both men, and has no one else in her life. A compromise is reached by both: the nights will be spent with the brothers but during the day she has to leave. They seal their compromise with more hot and very steamy sex. Armand and Jacques still aren’t aware that their lover is a vampire, and Celeste isn’t told about a third brother…or that the brothers have a secret of their own.


Ms. Moon has rich detail in each novella, a way of relating the forming relationships to the reader, that draws the reader in and makes them feel each emotion and touch. There is a lot of description that keeps the reader on edge and turning pages quickly, only to go back and savor each scene.

There are small issues with the stories; one being Armand talks about a scene in the limo. What he states and what actually happens aren‘t quite the same. Secondly, in one Novella Jacques is dominant yet in the last Novella he isn’t quite as dominant and it feels out of character.

I would highly recommend this book to any friend over the age of 18 that has a strong heart and can handle the heat this trilogy emanates.


Review by Laura Wallace

Paranormal Romance Guild Team Member

Awesome or what?

Clarrissa Lee Moon

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